Early Doors: Grim Dawn

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Early Doors is column where we play games that are in early access, aiming to give you the information you need about buying-in before release.

Today’s post was written by Daniel Fifield.

Grim Dawn is the first offering from Crate entertainment. A studio founded by Arthur Bruno, former Lead Designer for Iron Lore, the devs that brought us Titan Quest and its expansion Immortal Throne. Grim Dawn is an action RPG built from the Iron Lore code base.

The action RPG genre has been around for a while now, so there’s an established formula and plenty of competition. If I had to draw a comparison, I would say Grim Dawn is more like Path of Exile, than Diablo 3, both in terms of gameplay and appearance. You start with next to nothing and have to build your reputation through your deeds.


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Deus Ex: The Great Pre-order Palaver

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You want to be certain of getting that big new game, don’t you?  Everybody and their neighbour’s goldfish wants to get their slippery fins on that giganto release.  It’s all anyone in games media is seemingly talking about.  A parade of frothy and whirly-eyed articles reveal more about this titanic game.  You’re caught up in the hype and you have to get the game, day one, hour one.  So you go ahead and make the decision to pre-order.  If you get a little extra for doing so, all the better.  Or maybe you’re just after that one special thing.

Before I go on here, I must cop to having pre-ordered twice.  Both instances were to get some bit of gaming related tat.  I pre-ordered Resistance 3 from Asda in order to get the Chimera Hybrid Sackboy keyring...

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Tentpole or Flop? The Video Games to Film Discussion.

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So.  A Borderlands film, eh?  Is this going to be another excuse for me to go off on a rant about the Borderlands games?  Nah.  I’m over it, for the time being at least.  No, what I want to do is look at video game films and bring a little baggie of positive to the conversation.  Especially considering the critical kicking and audience apathy Hitman: Agent 47 received.  Borderlands isn’t the only video game getting a big-screen adaptation.  Looking at the Wikipedia page, the list of upcoming films is dizzying, both the sheer amount of them and some of the choices.  Tetris?  The mind doth boggle.

To say that the history of video games being turned into films is chequered would be to suggest that there was anything above mediocre in the ouvre...

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EA’s Gamescom 2015 presentation: The Rundown


I missed the opening to the EA presentation, thanks to internet problems.  I’m going to pretend the opening montage and Andrew Wilson didn’t happen.  Probably might as well not have.

Need for Speed

Marcus Nilsson gave us a bunch of guff for Need for Speed.  I wasn’t terribly sure what was going on here.  There was something about a competition over Twitter to help design a high-end car.  There was something about FMV.  There were angry-looking men, scowling at us.  Some mumbling about a narrative in a driving game.  I don’t know, I started to feel like I’d had a head injury quite early into this part of the presentation.  It doesn’t bode well for the rest of EA’s presentation.

Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst

Once I’d recovered my shattered wits I noticed Sara Jansson was ...

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The Xbox Gamescom 2015 Presentation: The Rundown


Gamescom isn’t quite as huge as E3, we know that and games companies know that.  Still some of them have decided to show off their stuff at the event, and even make some announcements they didn’t make at E3 in June.  It’s nice of them to throw Europe a bone.

With this in mind Microsoft took to the stage.  This didn’t have the gaudy glamour of their E3 presentation, but it was still pretty swish.  The screen showed us a montage of all the stuff Microsoft have that Sony doesn’t, nyah, nyah, nyah.  Particularly mocking since Sony aren’t doing a presentation at Gamescom.

Gregor Bieler took to the stage to introduce Phil Spencer...

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Kyn: At Least You Tried.

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Hello again, Kyn, me old spoon.  Yes, we’ve met before and you looked a little different then.  Let’s see if you’ve changed in any other ways.  Do you have more to admire?  Have you reached hitherto unknown lofty heights?  Will you make us weep with the transcendent wonder your gameplay?

This is, of course, the isometric RPG developed by the two-man team of Tangren and published by Versus Evil.

You still play as the Norse-like protagonists, Alrik and Bram, who have earned the power of the Magni.  No, it’s nothing to do with cider, you drunkards.  Magni here are warriors imbued with magic after going through a bit of a rough initiation.  This initiation involves being sealed in a cave for several months and being forced to eat rats.  Sounds like my childhood holidays at Butlins...

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eSports: The Next Level? Doping.

eSports Doping

In a recent interview with professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player Kory Friesen, known as Semphis of Cloud9, he admitted to taking a prescription drug called Adderall during a tournament in Poland with a $250,000 prize pool. He also said that his teammates, all of which are recognised as one of the top Counter-Strike teams in the US, were taking it too.

Adderall is a stimulant drug used to treat narcolepsy and ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder), it directly influences the central nervous system and affects the parts of the brain that control hyperactivity and impulse control...

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Early Doors: Elite: Dangerous on Xbox One Review (In Progress)

ED Trailer Banner

Early Doors is column where we play games that are in early access, aiming to give you the information you need about buying-in before release. Please keep in mind that this review is also in progress.

I guess the interesting this with reviewing this version of the game is that I’ve technically already played it. There is no way that I couldn’t compare this experience to that of the PC version, I did end up being an Alpha backer post-Kickstarter after all. Firing it up on the Xbox One was easy enough, though when it gave me an error and asked me to insert a disk I got a bit worried as it exited out of the game. I launched it again, this time without any fault.  The menu screen was pretty familiar with the training missions being present along with the full game.

There is the addition...

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My Thoughts On Modding


Some discussions were at had Lavecon and in particular someone brought up modding in my panel about current trends in modern gaming. Yeah, okay, some of this happened a while ago but I feel like it’s still a relevant and important conversation to have, explore and ponder on even now. Especially now.

Modding is an intrinsic part of the PC gaming scene and Valve have been entwined with it for quite a while. Many years ago, I myself was involved with the vibrant and talented community that made Day of Defeat what is was. A mod built on Half-Life and Counter Strike to a degree, deemed so successful that Valve turned it into its own standalone (for some definition of the word) product...

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Let’s Talk Lavecon 2015

Lavecon 2015 Banner

Hello! Yes, we know, it’s a bit late but better late than never right? Right.

It was a pretty insane weekend for Voo’s Review, what with Gavin Average setting up and running the LAN room (which was flawless) for people to enjoy and me running around between rooms making sure that our attendees were having an awesome time. Feedback, so far, indicates that we were pretty successful in that regard.

We had people turning up on Saturday that wanted to stay at the hotel, when they hadn’t originally planned to do so. Unfortunately, we had to decline due to the fact that all rooms were spoken for (there were some slightly perplexed wedding guests in the building) and there was no room at the inn. *sad-face* Still, it’s a sign that they were having an awesome time and that’s what we’d hoped for.


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