World Of Darkness MMO Is No More


And With Strange Aeons Even Death May Die

Perhaps the title is a little dramatic, but I’m a sucker for H.P. Lovecraft quotes. The World of Darkness IP tends to bring out the slightly murky and foreboding aspects of gaming no matter what branch of it you’re playing, it was built as a hostile and unforgiving environment in which to tell stories and the stories about video games attempting to pay it tribute are no less bleak. Its as if there is some sort of curse attached, as I’m yet to play a title based on WoD that’s any good. In this particular instance the game will never see the light of day.

The Death of an Office

When a company as prominent as CCP closes an entire studio it’s not going to stay quiet for very long...

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Heroes of the Storm: Reinventing The MOBA?


From All Stars To Hero Brawler

Understandably Blizzard want to get in on the current MOBA trend, what with the huge success of DOTA 2 and League of Legends plain to see; and I mean they did sort of inadvertently enable the creation of the genre in the first place. Defense of the Ancients, or DotA as it became known (also associated with the name DotA Allstars much later), was a community created mod for Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos and its expansion and was based on the “Aeon of Strife” map for StarCraft. The game type was hugely popular and eventually evolved into its own genre that we know as the MOBA or ‘Multiplayer online battle arena’...

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Hearthstone: Pandamonium and Naxxramas


With Beta over and the launch of Hearthstone in full-swing things have continued to be fixed and added to the client, Blizzard definitely aren’t slacking. The game is already one of the top titles watched on Twitch, partly thanks to the fact that Hearthstone now has it’s own tournaments, invitationals and now even a Collegiate Open, pushing it firmly into the realms of popular eSports. The familiarity of the Warcfaft universe as it’s setting, it’s deceptive simplicity and fast-paced gameplay seems to draw in and hook people from all gaming backgrounds.

Official Rank Season Open

The patch that ushered in the launch back on March 11th, spoke about ranked play rewards in the form of golden character portraits (for winning 500 ranked matches with one hero) and alternate-art for the backs of yo...

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H1Z1: SOE Loves Zombies Too


Deadly Virus Du Jour

Recently president of Sony Online Entertainment, John Smedley, did an interview and posted to Reddit using both as a platform to outline plans for SOE’s new Free-to-Play Zombie-focused Survival Sandbox MMO title they’re calling H1Z1. The footage that Game Talk Live have at the beginning of the show is from back in January, from earlier on in the development time-line of the title, but the reason that they have that exclusive is because Smedley was really proud of what they were making and he still is. He describes the game as a fight for survival in a world where “death is the only sure thing” – it will incorporate a lot of the best bits of things like of DayZ, Rust and State of Decay, but he’s convinced that H1Z1 will do them significantly better...

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First Release For ID@Xbox Program: Strike Suit Zero


Space For Mechs

Last month, in our podcast, we spoke briefly about the ID@Xbox self-publishing program and the announcement that was made at GCD where Microsoft shared details about 25 titles of the many independent games coming to Xbox One via the program. This month now sees the first of the ID@Xbox games to go live, Strike Suit Zero: Director’s Cut, which was made available in the Xbox Store as of April 8th. Strike Suit Zero is by no means a ‘new’ game, but I’ll explain that in a bit.

James Brooksby, CEO of the developer Born Ready Games describes Strike Suit Zero as a space combat game that harkens back to the golden age of space combat games. In a recent interview with Xbox Wire for the launch of the game he said that the team are huge fans of the genre, and have been influenced by ...

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Borderlands 2: The Prequel Sequel Rumour


Handsome Jack On The Moon

The subtitle isn’t a joke, I promise. I found myself browsing my Twitter feed this morning, I tend to follow some of the major gaming news outlets to see what they’re talking about and get a sense of what’s being pushed. Generally it’s not overly surprising fare, previews of whatever is being released in the next couple of weeks or months, reviews of peripherals, that sort of thing. Today I came across a very brief Eurogamer article (others are now reporting this as being true, which is highly amusing) which caused me some surprise for a few different reasons, firstly it is pure rumour and attributes it’s ‘source’ to a blog post on a website I’ve never heard of before, which is a retailer of console and PC gaming codes online – colour me confused...

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Favourite Gaming April Fools Jokes


It was a busy April 1st this year with more developers taking part in the shenanigans than ever before, I only foresee MOAR jokes in future years as these kooky game-makers just can’t resist a good prank. There have been some great ones this year, so I thought I’d put together a collection of my favourites.

Blizzard, Masters of April Fools

Blizzard manage to knock out some killer jokes every year and this year is no exception. Some got people a bit riled (the Derpy Draenei), some made fun of other games (Happy Reaper) and others made fun of themselves (Vengeance of the Vanquished), but all of them were excellent. Check out this year’s crop of pranks from the “Blizzard Joke Squad”:

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Kickstarter: Games In The Spotlight, Part 2


Kick It To The Curb?

Over time I’ve sort of developed a morbid fascination with what makes crowdfunding projects succeed or fail, sometimes it’s pretty damn obvious which way it’s headed because of how truly god-awful the pitch is. Other times it’s a cut-and-dry, super slick affair that finds your wallet throwing itself at the screen and you yelling “TAKE MY MONEY!”. But there are another two lesser scenarios that make up the remainder, a bunch of good projects that never really gain the momentum or attention they deserve, and then there are those that succeed and it’s a complete and utter mystery as to why anyone would ever fund it but I suppose there’s no accounting for taste, especially not on the internet. In Part 1 on Monday I took a look at Planets³, Ashen Rift and DUELYST, today I’...

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Kickstarter: Games In The Spotlight, Part 1


To Back or Not To Back

Gaming news is constantly full of whatever the latest potential success story when it comes to Kickstarter campaigns for games, some outlets champion some projects more than others but there’s always a wealth of variety to ponder. Whilst some get singled out and put on pedestals, others which could be equally as deserving fade into the obscurity that the, frequently over-saturated, crowdfunding market can generate. Today I thought I’d have a go at collating some of the currently ongoing campaigns that have been prominent in news lately for various reasons (good and bad) and that you can still pitch in to, should you feel the urge. Overall I’ve got six titles for your perusal, which I’ll be presenting in two parts...

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Elder Scrolls Online: Early Access, AMAs and Ongoing Concerns


Imperial March

The time for Beta weekends has passed, early access to the Elder Scrolls Online live servers begins as soon as Sunday for some people. Well, those who stumped up over £60 for the Imperial Edition anyway. If that’s you, ZeniMax say you can start at noon GMT. The three-day early access for everyone who pre-ordered starts the following Tuesday, 1st April, again at noon GMT. Then the game officially launches for everybody on midnight Thursday night GMT. But if you’re waiting for the PS4 and Xbox One releases, you’ll have to wait till June. More of this sort of information can be found on their handy ‘Early Access and Launch FAQ‘...
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