Early Doors: Elite: Dangerous on Xbox One (In Progress)

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Early Doors is column where we play games that are in early access, aiming to give you the information you need about buying-in before release. Please keep in mind that this review is also in progress.

I guess the interesting this with reviewing this version of the game is that I’ve technically already played it. There is no way that I couldn’t compare this experience to that of the PC version, I did end up being an Alpha backer post-Kickstarter after all. Firing it up on the Xbox One was easy enough, though when it gave me an error and asked me to insert a disk I got a bit worried as it exited out of the game. I launched it again, this time without any fault.  The menu screen was pretty familiar with the training missions being present along with the full game.

There is the addition...

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My Thoughts On Modding


Some discussions were at had Lavecon and in particular someone brought up modding in my panel about current trends in modern gaming. Yeah, okay, some of this happened a while ago but I feel like it’s still a relevant and important conversation to have, explore and ponder on even now. Especially now.

Modding is an intrinsic part of the PC gaming scene and Valve have been entwined with it for quite a while. Many years ago, I myself was involved with the vibrant and talented community that made Day of Defeat what is was. A mod built on Half-Life and Counter Strike to a degree, deemed so successful that Valve turned it into its own standalone (for some definition of the word) product...

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Let’s Talk Lavecon 2015

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Hello! Yes, we know, it’s a bit late but better late than never right? Right.

It was a pretty insane weekend for Voo’s Review, what with Gavin Average setting up and running the LAN room (which was flawless) for people to enjoy and me running around between rooms making sure that our attendees were having an awesome time. Feedback, so far, indicates that we were pretty successful in that regard.

We had people turning up on Saturday that wanted to stay at the hotel, when they hadn’t originally planned to do so. Unfortunately, we had to decline due to the fact that all rooms were spoken for (there were some slightly perplexed wedding guests in the building) and there was no room at the inn. *sad-face* Still, it’s a sign that they were having an awesome time and that’s what we’d hoped for.


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Dirty Bomb: We Got Yer Shooting Right Here!

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The last FPS I played in earnest on PC was either Quake or Duke Nukem 3D.  I hadn’t played a PC FPS online before.  That’s not to say I haven’t played FPSes online before.  My experiences is from the PS3.  I’ll leave that here.

So Dirty Bomb.  This is an online, free-to-play multiplayer FPS developed by Splash Damage and published by Nexon.  I had a few worries about this before going into it.  There’s a lot made of how difficult the game is and how little handholding there is.  The website stops shy of using the term ‘old school’.  There isn’t even controller support, guys!  I applaud them for not saying it’s old school, but everything else screams it.

It’s not a bad thing, by any means, it does make the game a little unapproachable for those of us who aren’t e...

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Minecon 2015

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Do I need to tell you Minecraft is a phenomenon?  It’s a redundant thing to say at this point, but let’s just reiterate, shall we?  With millions of players over multiple platforms, YouTube videos galore, toys, clothes and other assorted merchandise it’s almost ubiquitous.  It’s even had a couch gag on The Simpsons, so you know it’s got a ton of cultural stock.

Mojang have been doing Minecon since 2010, with a skip year in 2014, making this the fourth giant meeting of Minecraft fans.  Judging by the Guinness Book of Records accolade for having the most ticket sales for a convention dedicated to one game, I’ll go ahead and say it was the biggest one yet.  All heady stuff for a game of simple blocks and pixels.

Writing anything about an event you didn’t attend is a little di...

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See You At Lavecon 2015

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Hello dear readers! Its reached that time of year again where conventions, expos and events are happening thick and fast. You may remember that last year around this time we told you about Lavecon 2014, a predominantly science fiction and fantasy based event centred on the game from Frontier Developments, Elite: Dangerous.

This coming weekend, July 11-12, we’re off to Lavecon again and it promises to be bigger and better than last year, with a large roster of guests, activities and panels. A number of developers from Frontier Developments will be coming along for the headline Elite: Dangerous Q&A panel, where the guys and gals will talk about the game and answer audience questions, including: Sandro Sammarco, Michael Brookes, Chris Gregory, Edward Lewis, Sarah Jane Avory and Mike Evans...

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Review: RONIN

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Welcome to the near-future, dark and rain-slicked world of RONIN. Imagine Tarantino’s Kill Bill with a dash of cyberpunk; there are lasers to avoid, bass-thumping nightclubs to navigate and former friends and co-workers to track down and assassinate. This revenge driven, turn-based action platformer is sharp. Deathly sharp.

Let’s get the obvious comparisons out of the way first, mostly because they’re unavoidable on first glance at RONIN. It clearly borrows a huge amount of inspiration from excellent stealth platformers such as the likes of Gunpoint and Mark of the Ninja, with their glorious 2D infiltration antics that require strategy and planning, though there the similarities end. At no point does developer Tomasz Wacławek say that this is a stealth game...

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Elite: Dangerous – CQC, Xbox One and Beyond

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So you might be wondering what’s new in Elite: Dangerous after some of the team from Frontier, along with the fan-driven ambassadorial team, took to the biggest gaming show around, the E3 Expo in Los Angeles. Let’s delve into what details have surfaced during and since the show.

The first round of news was announced at the Xbox E3 Briefing, we knew that Frontier had plans to bring the game to Microsoft’s console sooner rather than later but we didn’t know specifically when. They took the opportunity to take part in the brand new Xbox One Preview initiative, which allows developers to put their games into an Early Access state in Xbox Live. For Elite specifically, you’ll be able to trial the game for an hour for free before you’re asked to make a decision as to whether you’d like to buy-in.

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Batman: Arkham Knight – Selling Well Despite PC Problems

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By now you’ll likely know about the despicable quality of the Batman: Arkham Knight PC version. Since its release on Thursday everyone has been trying to puzzle out how on earth Warner Bros. and more importantly Rocksteady could allow this to happen, as it turns out, it’s pretty much just WB Games’ fault.

It seems that the publisher made the executive decision to hand of desktop optimization duties to another studio, Iron Galaxy, who worked on the PC port of Batman: Arkham Origins and other high-profile PC ports. The list of problems is extensive and far-reaching in terms of impact on the entire game, as the WB community admin pointed out on their forums when explaining what key areas were being worked on by, now, both Rocksteady and Iron Galaxy...

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Destiny Price Woes: A Tale of Missing the Point

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Activision and Bungie have managed to do it again.  Destiny has found its way back into the headlines, for all those juicy wrong reasons that get people’s blood a-pumping.  The kind of heart-pounding that has those same people forming unhelpful factions.  Then the arguments and recriminations start and everyone forgets about Activision and Bungie raking in piles of cash.

So let me rewind a smidge here.  There’s a bit of background here that’s gone down fast in the last few days and needs clarification.  A bunch of people moved fast, too, scary fast.  Cockroach fast.  Not making any accusations, just playing with the ol’ metaphors.

At E3 last week it was announced that the new expansion for Destiny, The Taken King, is coming in September...

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