Shadowrun: The Anniversary & Dragonfall Upgraded


Friday last week an email dropped in to the email folder I have designated for Kickstarter updates, now it’s not unusual for me to have a few drop in there every week as I’ve backed a fair number of projects now but this email was from an unexpected source, it said “Project Update #74: Shadowrun Returns by Harebrained Schemes LLC”. Shadowrun Returns was a resounding success as KS projects go and if you read this blog with any regularity you’ll know how much I love the SR universe; if you don’t know then you need to go back and read my previous posts. This email brought good tidings and a reminder of how much time has passed since Shadowrun returned.

An anniversary, a year in fact, since Harebrained Schemes brought a new cyberpunk adventure to a much loved franchise...

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A Date with Destiny


Last week on the 22nd of the month saw the doors being flung wide-open on the Destiny Beta for Xbox One, a day earlier than was previously expected. It’s my understanding that PS4 owners have had access since around the 17th of the month and had been having a blast; a friend who had pre-ordered the game happened to have a spare code, so I was happy to relieve him of its burden and get a better look at the game, I was eager to play catch-up. As the title of this particular post suggests I had specifically allocated some time out of my schedule to get to know this game better, gauge our mutual compatibility, because we all know courting rituals can be complex and must be handled delicately. This weekend of quality time with Destiny was at best disappointing, in fact I don’t think I’ve been...

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Is Shadow Realms The New Bioware/Failbetter Thing?


The first I knew of this ‘chosen’ malarkey was seeing a friend complaint about an email they’d received from Bioware with the title “You’ve been chosen”, she instantly thought that she’d been picked for the Dragon Age Keep beta and was somewhat disappointed that it wasn’t that. It transpires that the email she received was some sort of cryptic marketing mailshot for a new thing from the houses of Bioware and EA.

The aforementioned email contained pictures one of which was named “ShadowRealms_Teaser_video.jpg”, and it just so happens that Shadow Realms was trademarked by EA back in February/March time. Bioware have made no secret of the fact that as Dragon Age: Inquisition approaches its release they’ve been working on the next sojourn in the Mass Effect universe and an un...

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Hearthstone: LFG for Naxx Arachnid Quarter


The vile temptress that is Naxxramas is finally here, the floating necropolis and its accompanying curse arrived yesterday much to the delight of Hearthstone fans the world over. It took a little time to manifest due to maintenance and Blizzard wanting to do a global release, meaning it came late in the UK so I’ve only had access since this morning. Despite this I’ve made a significant dent in the first wing, the Arachnid Quarter, already.

I streamed my progress on our channel early this AM, thinking that it was probably going to take me a while to figure out the new cards and how they interacted with existing ones, along with understanding each bosses ‘hero power’ but I couldn’t have been more wrong...

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I Don’t Play The Sims Anymore


Once upon a time there was a somewhat dysfunctional and shallow family. They had all the modern conveniences that you’d imagine someone would need to have at least a half-decent life, a kitchen that allowed them to make a horrific mess of their little corner of existence by setting things on fire, a bathroom that they managed to flood with alarming frequency and eventually they got a swimming pool; you can imagine how well that went. They had more furniture than I did at that point in time but I didn’t begrudge them it, especially as it turned out the furniture was running their lives. I was glad my fridge didn’t decide when it was time to eat.

My time playing The Sims was an intense and fraught thing, full of complex floor plans and my frustration born of Sims not using rooms I had ...

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The Long Dark: Light At The End Of The Tunnel


Sometimes backing something on Kickstarter can feel like you’re trapped in a dark underground tunnel, with no end in sight with only tiny specks of light to show you the way and those tiny specks are the project updates you usually receive through Kickstarter, from the person you’ve handed your cash to. They are generally sporadic, dazzling on first sight and leave you bewildered as you move on into the darkness once more. This longwinded analogy is somewhat ironic given that in this instance I’m taking about survival game The Long Dark, which now takes its first steps towards the light, and a game that you can actually play.

Many people had perhaps put the game to the back of their minds after the funding campaign was over, probably due to the recent glut of survival themed horrors ...

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More DOTA 2 Than You Can Shake Several Sticks At Simultaneously


The Playoff schedule for The International DOTA 2 Championships 2014 has been a gruelling affair for the 16 teams involved, but it’s also been a hard fought thing for fans to keep up too. Phase One started out Tuesday last week with the elimination of the runners-up from the regional qualifiers whittling them down from four teams to just one, with the last one standing being Team Liquid; it also saw the 1v1 competition with Alliance’s s4 taking the title of champion.

Wednesday was the beginning of Phase Two of the playoffs, the round-robin style setup pushed teams to their limits with most playing back-to-back matches each time against a different opponent...

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WildStar: Adventures in Nexus, Part 1 (Character Creation)


I’ve already covered introductions for those that needed it, I’ve spoken about some of the quirks that accompanied the pre-order early-doors period and the official launch. With all of that in mind I’ve been itching to jump in to Nexus and give it the time it deserves, which with MMOs can be a bit tricky given that they’re usually designed to be time-sinks and I have to be pretty judicious about how much time I spend on things unfortunately. But I want to make time for WildStar, I have to… Playing various beta weekends meant that the game well and truly got its hooks into me. The login screen beckons me to adventure with the trademark epic tones of the games theme, with planetary bodies circling lazily on the screen...

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Hearthstone: More Naxxramas Details Unveiled


Roll-up, roll-up! Meet the best abominations this side of the Eastern Kingdoms in the Construct Quarter, dance with necromancers in the Plague Quarter and get closely acquainted with the Arachnid Quarter! Blizzard have finally announced more details on how we’ll be accessing the content coming in the Hearthstone expansion, the pricing structure and have unveiled the Naxxramas Heroic Mode. The precise date for the Curse of Naxxramas: A Hearthstone Adventure expansion is still yet to be announced, though I’m hoping it will be soon. Now on with the details:

In case you’re unfamiliar with the joint Naxxramas has traditionally always been a floating necropolis, home to huge host of undead bosses packing out the multiple wings of the place...

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A New Civ Addiction – Civilization: Beyond Earth


A New Beginning for Mankind

I was talking to someone this weekend just gone about Civilisation V, how much time each of us had sunk in to it, with other people overhearing our conversation who then professed to have sunk equally vast amounts of time into the game. We came to the conclusion that Civilisation V is a game that either everyone owns and plays, or wants to own and play. It’s an excellent time-gobbling piece of gaming perfection, it’s infuriating but endearing at the same time. I have no idea what it is about the game that people seem so drawn to it, but as I look at my list of Steam friends they all seem to own it and play, the record play time for one person out of my friends seems to be a touch sub 330 hours. Wow...

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