Elite: Dangerous – Xbox One & GDC

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There is clearly no one busier than Frontier Developments this week, what with patch 1.2 for Elite: Dangerous going through player testing, some of the team about to engage in the mayhem that is PAX East and another load of them putting in an appearance at GDC in San Francisco. And I think it’s safe to say the Elite charm offensive is in full swing and paying off already.

The team have been working hard demoing the game at GDC, apparently this time with a fully native Mac version of the game running for people to try on the conference floor. Elite: Dangerous took the GDC Audience Award at the annual awards ceremony, with David Braben OBE taking the Pioneer Award. There’s clearly a lot of love for Frontier and Elite in the developer community.

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He’s baaaaaaack: Five Nights At Freddy’s 3

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The Five Nights at Freddy’s series, made by mysterious solo developer Scott Cawthorn, is the very definition of a cult classic now. Twitch streamers and YouTubers around the globe adore FNaF (for short) for its stress-inducing capabilities, jumpscares and pant-pooping animatronic flavoured terror. Originally you played as night-shift security guard at kids restaurant Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza, keeping an eye on the animatronics, though you really end up trying to stop them from getting to you. Overworked and underpaid is an understatement.

Scott’s website had indicated for some time that he was working on the next instalment of the series, but no one expected it quite this soon. Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, Foxy and company are all back, though not quite as you remember them.

Thirty years after Fre...

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Goodbye Shadow Realms

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Yes, I know this is old news but stick with me. The set up was something pretty special for a change, mysterious emails, a Reddit user trying to find someone, threads with puzzles and codes. Fake and real websites, a guy handing out missing person flyers at ComiCon. The vague and Creepypasta-esque marketing strategy for Shadow Realms paid off, making people want to know more and dig deeper. The surprise announcement had made the desired impact.

Shadow Realms was to be an urban fantasy RPG PC title and based on 4vs1 multiplayer (all the rage at the moment, with Evolve and Fable Legends). It was pre-emptively unveiled at Gamescom last year and originally set to release some time in 2015. Attendees got a look at a remarkably polished looking, if maybe a little dull, pre-alpha build...

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From SOE To Daybreak Games: Past, Present, Next?

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Now we have the ‘Daybreak Games Company’ and February has been a rough month for them. Sold off by Sony, large scale lay-offs, resignations and DDOS attacks. But it all had to start somewhere, right? An more importantly, where is it all going?

After Sony posted it’s 2014 earnings it was pretty clear that Sony Online Entertainment was costing them a significant amount of money out of arguably the most successful part of their business: The Playstation 4. Forbes did an excellent breakdown in May last year of demonstrating how, while numerically Sony were ‘winning the console war’ with what was a comfortable sales lead at the time, other parts of their business were blunting that success:

In total, 14.6 million Sony consoles – PS2, PS3 and PS4 – were sold in the financial year, along with 4...

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Fable Legends Will Be Free-to-Play


Some fans of the Fable franchise have already been a bit thrown by the fact that Fable Legends turned out to be a multiplayer-only 4v1 endeavour; now Lionhead Studios are throwing them another potential curve-ball by announcing that the game will be free-to-play on both PC and Xbox One.

In a bold move, it looks like Lionhead want to try and emulate the success of other kinds of hugely popular multiplayer PC titles by adopting a very similar funding structure to that of Riot and Valve, instead of its pay-to-play (also supplemented by microtransactions) 4v1 cousin Evolve...

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Diablo III: Microtransactions, But Not In EU Or Americas


Ever since the release of Reaper of Souls, Diablo III has gone from strength to strength. Blizzard have managed to keep their promise of continually updating, improving and tweaking the game; giving those at all levels more content and quality of life improvements. They’ve taken feedback well, even implemented some of it.

Now they’re just about to release Patch 2.2.0 to their public test realm (PTR), it’s chocked full of interesting additions, such as new legendaries, alterations to existing ones, UI improvements and other goodies. However some eagle-eyed data-miners have got their hands on the information locked within and came across something surprising: Blizzard were planning on exploring the addition of microtransaction content to the game in some regions.

Experience tells us that whe...

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Review: Evolve

Evolve Banner

It was with great trepidation that I installed Evolve by Turtle Rock Studios (the people that brought you Left 4 Dead), onto the Xbox One here at Voo’s Review HQ. As I’m sure is true for many of you, I had heard incredibly mixed reviews that largely tended toward the negative. So negative was the initial online opinion surrounding this game meant that I was prepared to let it pass right by me. Let me tell you right now, and up-front, that was nearly a huge mistake. A Goliath mistake even (see what I did there?).

So, why did I end up trying it? Glad you asked. I had access to Evolve in the alpha and beta stages on PC via Steam, which was a game not ready for prime-time, as is the case with Alphas and Betas. There I was, prepared to forgo Evolve altogether, then on night in the pub a 100...

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Heroes Of The Storm, Gavin’s Diaries: Part 2


It’s been a long time since I wrote an update about my adventures in Heroes of the Storm, and what an adventure it’s been! I’ve come a long way since last time having played almost the entire 34 hero roster, the only hero I’ve not yet tried is Thrall who was recently added and is prohibitively expensive in digital currency terms.

Give us this day our daily quest!

Which brings me nicely to the first thing I’d like to mention, daily quests! I’ve been happily earning in game gold through levelling up new heroes, and performing daily quests, which has enabled me to buy 2 of the more expensive heroes (Abathur and Zaghara of Starcraft II Fame, costing me 10,000 gold each) what I’ve learned however is that if you’re prepared to put the time in, you really don’t need to spend any money, Blizza...

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Early Doors: Pathfinder Online

Pathfinder Banner 1

Today’s post was written by Will Moore, from the brand new gaming ‘Let’s Play’ YouTube channel Bad Bad Rabbit.

Pathfinder Online is an MMORPG from Goblinworks and Piazo Publishing; at its core is the Dungeons & Dragons table-top RPG of the same name. The game began development through the crowdfunding site Kickstarter and it was finally funded on the 4th January 2014, where it made approximately 1.1 million USD. Now that’s a great deal of money in the games industry, especially considering the team had not proven itself in the games industry as of yet and Pathfinder Online is currently in Early Access. So that’s the background.

What is clear is that over the last year Goblinworks has created a vast world where you can run for miles without seeing anyone, farm resources, take on and kill ...

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Review: Sunless Sea


The Victorian Era has always been known as a time of exploration, discovery and adventure. So it’s unsurprising that even in an alternate timeline that things are no different, just perhaps the ‘where’ and the ‘what’ of it has changed. Adventure and danger are a constant.

Welcome to Fallen London, the Victorian-Gothic reality crafted by Failbetter Games, a version of 1800s London that was swallowed up into a space beneath. You may already be familiar with Fallen London and its inhabitants, initially known as Echo Bazzar, it was a hugely popular browser game. London finds itself deposited by the edge of the wild waters of the Unterzee, an old and very dark ocean under the world, this is the setting for Sunless Sea.

You are a newly commissioned captain of the Neath, the underground cavern in...

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