Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure


Given I’d set out on this epic quest, I thought it best in my first play through of the series, to start at the beginning and end at the end, and so I set out into Spyro’s Adventure. You take the role of a portal master, summoning Skylanders into the world to stop an evil portal master by the name of Kaos, and his loyal goblin servant Glumshanks from destroying the peaceful Skylands.

What’s it all about?

If you’ve been living on another planet for the last 3 years, or you missed my previous pieces on these games, Skylanders games work on the premise of RFID action figures, which when placed on a portal (which connects to your console of choice) spring to life in the game.

They come in eight elements:

  • Earth
  • Air
  • Fire
  • Water
  • Magic
  • Life
  • Unlife
  • Tech

Which I know, sounds like the expa...

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Harebrained Schemes Next Project: NECROPOLIS


Capitalizing on several rounds of success in the form of Shadowrun Returns, Shadowrun: Dragonfall and their digitally enhanced miniatures boardgame Golem Arcana, the crazy-talented folks over at Harebrained Schemes have announced their next undertaking called NECROPOLIS. They describe it as “A Diabolical Dungeon Delve”, it’s got a fantasy vibe and a dark and twisted sense of humour.

You know how it goes, one upon a time there was an incredibly powerful archmage, this one happens to be called Abraxus, who decided to build a huge complex constructed by magic. Inside his sprawling creation is the greatest collection of magical do-dads and treasure ever known, filled to the brim with arcane mysteries he amassed over the years...

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Civilization: Beyond Earth – The Unexpectedly Expected


Before I get started there’s something I need to clear up about this game first. When I initially fired-up Civilization: Beyond Earth for the first time on Steam I saw that a friend had been playing it for a while already, he must have spotted that I’d started too and immediately messaged me to see what I thought. “I haven’t actually started playing yet, I’ve started watching the opening cut scene…” he interrupted me there, as much as you can do in IM conversations, proceeding to tell me how very upset he was that it was nothing like Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri at great length and, with colourful metaphors, how poor he thought Beyond Earth was.

Eventually I managed to establish that he had read an article where someone at some point had described Civilization: Beyond Earth a...

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Heroes Of The Storm, Gavin’s Diaries: Part 1


I fire up Heroes of the Storm, and after the usual well-polished update and launch from the Blizzard launcher I’m greeted by a stunning intro cinematic where the good and evil heroes from Blizzard games past and present clash in almighty battle, Kerrigan (Queen of the Brood from Starcraft) launches into the air on mutant wings to clash with Archangel of Justice, whilst her former compatriot from the marines, Jim Raynor, appears to be locked in a pitched battle with none other than the Prime Evil, Diablo himself! Who it turns out is not immune to a tactical nuclear launch, who knew? As I watch the carnage unfold, I can’t help but feel despite my scepticism, that this is going to be epic.

I move on quickly into the traditional ‘First Tutorial’ where playing as Jim Raynor, ably ass...

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BlizzCon 2014: Overwatch Announcement


Rumours swirled heavily once people set eyes on numerous unmarked PC terminals in the hallowed halls of BlizzCon last weekend, staff were unprepared to even talk about them when asked by attendees, simply telling them to wait for the opening keynote. And so it came to pass that Blizzard announced its brand new IP, Overwatch.

After all the strife that afflicted the companies enigmatic Project Titan, it was later revealed by insider sources that the game was destined to be a Sci-Fi shooter MMO, so when I look at this new team-based shooter set in a future Earth its difficult not to see it as a phoenix rising from Titan’s troubled ashes. Chris Metzen has admitted that Overwatch shares some aesthetic similarities with the defunct Titan, but says that’s where their similarities end.

The an...

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BlizzCon 2014: Hearthstone – Goblins vs Gnomes


Blizzard started saying that a Hearthstone expansion was already in the works just after Curse of Naxxramas had been released into the hands of players, just the ‘what’ and the ‘when’ were conspicuous in interviews. It should be no surprised that the official announcement as to the next content-drop in Hearthstone would arrive at BlizzCon, which was held in Anaheim, California this weekend just gone. The theme of the next expansion? Goblins vs. Gnomes – which is arriving sooner than you’d think.

Goblins vs Gnomes throws players smack dab in the middle of a rivalry between cunning goblin engineers and their eternally-tinkering gnome counterparts. These pint-size foes don’t always have the upper hand over the myriad mechanical contraptions they cook up, and the results can be . . ...

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An Average Skylanders Adventure


Gavin Average embarks on a journey to document and demystify the Skylanders franchise, all in time for Christmas, to help confused parents.

Having confessed to you all that I have a Skylanders problem, and illustrated how quickly such a habit can spiral out of control if left unchecked. Once I was done documenting it all, I realised that my habit was relatively mild. I’d only really played Giants in depth and in all honesty thoroughly enjoyed it, but then I got to thinking that perhaps I was missing out on the others. Had Kaos and Glumshanks caused mayhem and mischief that I had missed in Spyro’s Adventure?

What adventures had I missed last year in Swap Force? What was I going to be missing out on this Christmas whilst countless children would be unwrapping this year’s must-have videogame ...

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Dawngate Sees Its Final Dawn


It’s hard out there for a MOBA

You can’t really talk about the Multiplayer Online Battle Arena genre without mentioning the current two big-hitters in the field, DOTA 2 and League of Legends. Thousands, upon thousands of players flock to these games on a daily basis, both to watch and play; the rise and rise of eSports is to thank for this for the most part. These two behemoths jostle for the limelight, so it’s sometimes easy to forget that there are others of the same or similar breed out there.

Much like with regular sports, there are a few headline, prime-time offerings that the majority of people gravitate towards leaving some trickle-down interest for all of the other leagues, divisions and series. They leave little room, or funding, for anyone else...

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Dragon Age: Inquisition Goes Gold And EA Access Trial


It’s been common knowledge for some while that EA had planned on letting players, who pay for the EA Access service on Xbox One early access to games like Dragon Age: Inquisition through the ‘Play First’ part of the membership and now they’ve released a few more details about how it’s going to work.

In a post made on November 3rd on the US version of the EA Access site newsfeed they went into more details about how the trial of the highly anticipated BioWare sequel is going to work. The trial will open its doors to US customers on the 13th of November and will allow EA Access members up to six hours of play in the world of Thedas; you’ll be able to create your hero and take your first few steps towards forming your inquisition, even allowing you to get stuck into Inquisition’s co...

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Heroes Of The Storm, Gavin’s Diaries: First Impressions


I was reading my email over coffee Saturday morning, when I received an unexpected email, letting me know that I’d been selected for the Technical Alpha of Blizzard’s upcoming MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) Heroes of the Storm, and could access it immediately. I downloaded it with every intent of reviewing it for Voo’s Review, since Voo was pretty keen on investigating Blizzard’s take on the genre, and so I began playing.

Four games and 3 posts worth of notes and scribblings later, it was obvious that this was going to need more attention. I was going to need to write something like ‘Gavin Average’s Heroes of the Storm Diaries’ to cover the experiences I was having in this game. It’s worth taking a few brief steps back to mention that I’m in no way new to the MOBA scene. I played D...

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