Review: Idol Hands

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I first saw Idol Hands at the EGX Rezzed event in London back in March, a Simulation/Strategy/God game; made by Pocket Games and published by Green Man Gaming’s new indie publishing arm, Green Man Loaded. I was immediately curious about it, and overjoyed when Voo asked me to review it for the blog.

The premise is simple, and more than a little familiar. You take the role of a tribal god, overseeing a tribe of native ‘Furlings’, the adorable rodent-like humanoids that occupy villages across your domain. Most importantly, whilst you can affect the world directly and influence the Furlings by magically giving them one of five roles required for any successful village: Woodcutter, Farmer, Stone Mason, and Priest; you cannot directly control them.

First Impressions

From the moment the first tut...

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Hearthstone Goes More Mobile


Even though it’s been available for the iPad for a while, Hearthstone had yet to make the transition to being a fully mobile experience. However, as of today Blizzard’s incredibly popular digital CCG is now playable on all iOS and Android devices.

The new mobile version of the game has had its interface redesigned from the desktop and iPad versions, crafted to enable more fluid play and to be better suited the smaller screened format. The all-new mobile version of the game will have access to all of the newest Hearthstone content, including Curse of Naxxramas, Goblins vs Gnomes, and the more recently released Blackrock Mountain expansion...

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The Elder Scrolls Online Tries To Entice Beta Players

Tamriel Unlimited Banner

Nothing says “Welcome back!” like a sword to the chest, an axe to the head or an arrow to the knee.

Tamriel has been Unlimited for just under a month now and it seems that Bethesda are one a recruitment push once again, this time targeting players who participated in the beta. If you are one of the many people who decided not to take the plunge when the game was released then you’ve probably been asked to participate in their “Welcome Back Weekend”.

Why do you need access? While the subscription fees have been made optional Tamriel Unlimited isn’t free-to-play, it’s pay-to-play with a one-off, up-front fee...

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Elite: Dangerous – 1.3 What’s A ‘Powerplay’?

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Noun: powerplay

  1. tactics exhibiting or intended to increase a person’s power or influence.
  2. offensive tactics in a team sport involving the concentration of players at a particular point.
  3. Ice Hockey – a temporary situation in which a team has a numerical advantage over its opponents because one or more players is serving a penalty.

Could any of these definitions allude to what’s coming in the next significant patch to Elite: Dangerous? The only answer anyone has right now is: I have no idea. But lets speculate together!

Frontier Developments are notoriously tight-lipped about discussing specifics when it comes to what will be included in major updates to the game. The last major update, Patch 1...

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Square Enix Bring Back Deus Ex Again

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Deus Ex is one of the most loved and critically acclaimed cyberpunk-style games ever. There are a scant number of titles that champion the setting better, you could maybe say that the original Syndicate is held in similar esteem. When Eidos-Montreal revived the long dormant series in 2011, bring it in to the present with an up-to-date look but with player choice still at its centre, fans rejoiced. Unfortunately, Human Revolution didn’t hit the mark. It wasn’t bad but it also wasn’t quite right, and the studio knew it.

Recently Square Enix announced a ‘viral’ ARG (augmented reality game) style marketing campaign, titled ‘Project CKP’ or ‘Can’t Kill Progress’, that would take place via Twitch and Instagram...

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Easter Egg Round-up 2015

1/2 Dozen Egg Friends

Hello everyone! We hope that you had a productive bank holiday sacrificing chocolate bunnies and searching for colourful immobile eggs in gardens across the land or some such. Of course, we do things a little differently around here, our easter egg hunt has been a digital one.

We’ve spent some time gathering up some of our favourite gaming easter eggs from the past 12 months (or so) for your delectation and amusement. So kick back, grab some egg-shaped confectionary, relax and enjoy some of our egg-cellent finds (sorry)!

Alien: Isolation – Origami Unicorns

The guys at Creative Assembly have proven themselves to be Alien fans by creating one of the best Alien games we’ve ever seen, but what I bet you didn’t know is that they’re actually just massive Ridley Scott fans...

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Heroes Of The Storm: The Big Beta Patch

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We are no strangers to Heroes of the Storm, in fact Gavin keeps his own diary about his exploits in the game. This time though we want to bring you a slightly less anecdotal update on the patch that went live last week. This recent update is probably one of the largest to date, not just in the quantity on things added, but also the number of things that have been changed, tweaked, revamped or fixed.

One of the first things to be addressed by last week’s patch were some general performance improvements. If you’re currently in the Closed Beta program you may, or may not, have noticed that your graphics settings have changed slightly. They’ve been automatically redetected to try mitigate some issues that players were facing...

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Favourite Gaming April Fools Jokes 2015


Mischief, mayhem, terrible jokes and amazing lies. ‘Tis the day for all self-titled tricksters and pranksters to flex their funny bones. April 1st is always a strange mix of the absurd and the wonderful, when brands and companies try to be funny, often at the expense of themselves and each other. Individuals joke about engagements and pregnancies, trading their sports cars for Smart Cars and goodness knows what else.

Us? We’re in it for the gaming flavoured guffaws and it’s decent crop so far this year. Ready to put a smile on your face? Silly-walk this way… 2014 was good, let’s see if 2015 can do better.


This company love April 1st so much that they have an archive for all the silly jokes they’ve created over the years...

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Halo 5: Guardians – A Release Date And Two Stories

Hunt The Truth Banner

The highly anticipated Halo 5: Guardians has been given a release date by 343 Industries and Microsoft as October 27, coming to Xbox One.

As part of the release date announcement two new trailers have appeared with an interesting twist. A week ago we saw the trailer of a bullet with the word “TRAITOR” etched into it, hurtling into and shattering the Master Chief’s iconic helmet, with the hashtag #HUNTtheTRUTH and the address of a Tumblr account.

Sharing the same name as the hashtag, written and voiced by fictitious journalist and war photographer Benjamin Giraud, the Tumblr documents the story of him being hired to do an in-depth profile of the Master Chief by ONI (Office of Naval Intelligence); and the ugly history he starts to uncover.

An investigation into the origins of modern-day supe...

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Review: Keebles


What do you get when you combine physics puzzles, vehicle building and fuzzy creatures fond of fungus that need saving? You get Keebles.

You’re tasked with creating various methods of transport for a glass-like, fragile sphere called the Bobble. The Bobble is the only way to collect and safely transport Keebles, small fluffy creatures with no apparent limbs, around Keeble Island. Saving as many of them from the dwindling supply of mushrooms, as quickly as possible and getting them to the ‘Whale at the End of the World’ is your goal. Yes, I said whale.

I know, it sounds like a bizarre cheese-dream, or something conjured up by Douglas Adam’s Infinite Improbability Drive...

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