Halo 5: Guardians – A Release Date And Two Stories

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The highly anticipated Halo 5: Guardians has been given a release date by 343 Industries and Microsoft as October 27, coming to Xbox One.

As part of the release date announcement two new trailers have appeared with an interesting twist. A week ago we saw the trailer of a bullet with the word “TRAITOR” etched into it, hurtling into and shattering the Master Chief’s iconic helmet, with the hashtag #HUNTtheTRUTH and the address of a Tumblr account.

Sharing the same name as the hashtag, written and voiced by fictitious journalist and war photographer Benjamin Giraud, the Tumblr documents the story of him being hired to do an in-depth profile of the Master Chief by ONI (Office of Naval Intelligence); and the ugly history he starts to uncover.

An investigation into the origins of modern-day supe...

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Heroes Of The Storm: The Big Beta Patch

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We are no strangers to Heroes of the Storm, in fact Gavin keeps his own diary about his exploits in the game. This time though we want to bring you a slightly less anecdotal update on the patch that went live last week. This recent update is probably one of the largest to date, not just in the quantity on things added, but also the number of things that have been changed, tweaked, revamped or fixed.

One of the first things to be addressed by last week’s patch were some general performance improvements. If you’re currently in the Closed Beta program you may, or may not, have noticed that your graphics settings have changed slightly. They’ve been automatically redetected to try mitigate some issues that players were facing...

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Review: Keebles


What do you get when you combine physics puzzles, vehicle building and fuzzy creatures fond of fungus that need saving? You get Keebles.

You’re tasked with creating various methods of transport for a glass-like, fragile sphere called the Bobble. The Bobble is the only way to collect and safely transport Keebles, small fluffy creatures with no apparent limbs, around Keeble Island. Saving as many of them from the dwindling supply of mushrooms, as quickly as possible and getting them to the ‘Whale at the End of the World’ is your goal. Yes, I said whale.

I know, it sounds like a bizarre cheese-dream, or something conjured up by Douglas Adam’s Infinite Improbability Drive...

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Review: Pokémon Shuffle

Pokemon Shuffle Banner

It’s not often I review portable games. However, in light of Nintendo and DeNA recently joining forces to create brand new Nintendo flavoured mobile games, I thought this might be a good place to start looking at where the joint venture may go to. Pokémon Shuffle is a free-to-play match-3 style puzzle game, it’s been downloaded from the Nintendo eShop over a million times and is five weeks old today.

First of all, it’s accurate to say that I am a 3DS and Pokémon fan. I check my StreetPasses, grumble about the lack of pink puzzle pieces and like to collect Mii hats. Then there’s Pokémon. I watched the TV shows when I was younger, play the games extensively and even went out of my way to own a blue XY edition 3DS...

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Borderlands: Vault Hunter UK Loot Event With 2K & GAME

Borderlands The Handsome Collection Banner

Do like loot? Of course you do. If you’re a big Borderlands fan and live in the UK then now is the time to get ready for a special giveaway from 2K and UK retailer GAME. Today they’ve announced that customers will have the chance of becoming a real Vault Hunter for the day.

On March 27th (this Friday), to celebrate the release of Borderlands: The Handsome Collection, four GAME stores nationwide will take possession of a custom built loot lockers containing the much sought after Claptrap robot, plus other exceptionally rare Borderlands loot. So how do you stand a chance of winning? The first 20 customers to visit one of the four stores with proof of their Borderlands: The Handsome Collection pre-order will be allowed to pick from one of 20 special golden keys, only one of which will unlock ...

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Evolve: Adding New Hunters, Behemoth And Maps

Evolve Banner

One might say that Evolve is constantly evolving. Hah! No, wait, sorry. That was awful. Let’s just get to the details. The 4v1 hunter-becomes-the-hunted game from Turtle Rock Studios is about to get some of its first DLC since its release. On its way is a mix of paid and free content, some depending on pre-orders and some of it is just completely free to everyone.

Gavin spoke a bit about the new monster that’s headed this way, the Behemoth, in his review of the game last month. The idea behind the new, and now largest, of the monsters is that he’s a huge, tanky, freight-train of a creature. Towering over hunters and his fellow monsters, Behemoth is a craggy ball of death, quite literally.

Able to curl up into a destructive boulder and roll through the environment for quick traversal, this ...

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Cities: Skylines – The New City-Sim On The Block

CitiesSkylines Banner

In the wake of SimCity being severely limited, online-only and a huge disappointment to city-builder fans, many thought that Cities XXL might swoop in and take on those left adrift. That wasn’t to be either, with Cities XXL turning out to be really no different from Cites XL, with none of the problems from the previous game addressed. It was a UI patch, at best, charged at full price. Now all eyes have turned to Cities: Skylines in the hopes that someone can finally get city-building right again.

The Finnish developer, Colossal Order, have been known for their Cities in Motion games, transport management simulators...

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EGX Rezzed 2015 – Our Top 5 Picks

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Rezzed this year was an impressive affair. Over 150 playable games across PC, console, browser and mobile; over 20 of which were VR games. In excess of 300 games submitted to the exclusive Leftfield Collection, in which 24 were selected. 12,000 attendees over three days with access to some incredible gaming experiences.

From the ridiculous to the sublime, from the leisurely to the frustratingly hard. There was a game for everyone at Rezzed 2015. It’s been a difficult process for us to pick our top 5 out of all the wonderful games on show. So hard in fact that we already had to separate out the Leftfield Collection into its own section and have a separate post in the works for another list of games we saw, that you need to keep an eye on...

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Nintendo, DeNA & Codename NX

Nintendo DeNA Banner

We all knew this day would eventually come. The day where Nintendo finally went “Hey, mobile games make a lot of money, right? Let’s do that.”

Deciding to finally cash-in, today Nintendo announced a partnership with Japanese mobile gaming giant DeNA. In their join press conference today both companies said that they would be developing games together for “smart devices”. They also said that the new games would be created from scratch using existing Nintendo IP and that there would be no ports of existing games to “ensure the quality of game experience that consumers expect”, presumably also to get around any control-based compatibility issues.

They also interestingly revealed that “all Nintendo IP will be eligible for development and exploration by the alliance...

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The Leftfield Collection At EGX Rezzed 2015

Leftfield Banner

Thursday just gone was a physically and emotionally draining affair for a large percentage of people in attendance at EGX Rezzed at the Tobacco Docks in London. The first day of the show, heaving with both press and fans (scarily busy, whilst apparently not at capacity), was a whirlwind of watching developers finding their flow when talking to the public and people devouring as many games as they could. However, one of the breaths of fresh air that day was spending some time in the Leftfield Collection. It wasn’t a breath of fresh air because it was quiet, quite the opposite. The room was overflowing with people. It just felt like all the games there were operating in a different reality.

Found in the part of the building in known as The Vaults, which a series of archways and rooms that ma...

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