Early Doors: H1Z1, Zombie Apocalypse Now.

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Early Doors is a new column where we play games that are in Early Access, aiming to give you the information you need about buying-in before release. If you have a game in Early Access that you’d like to see featured on Early Doors please get in touch with us.

Hello readers and welcome to the first instalment of our new column Early Doors. Voo has already voiced her take on the H1Z1 Early Access and one of its pay-to-win style mechanics. Whilst these are concerns we both share, I was excited about the game. Mostly thanks to Voo’s earlier preview post talking about H1Z1. With that in mind, I paid for the cheaper early access option and jumped into the game. So far I’ve played upwards of 8 hours, and thought that I should write up my impressions. So here we are.

It’s tough to survive


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Shadowrun: Hong Kong – Kickstarter Done A Little Differently

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Let no one say I don’t keep my promises. In case you missed it, I promised to update everyone on what happened when the Shadowrun: Hong Kong Kickstarter went live. I’m glad to say that there’s a twist to the usual crowdfunding tale this time too.

On the January 13 the countdown to Harebrained Schemes new Shadowrun-flavoured project hit zero, went live. The proposition? To create another full length standalone cyberpunk tactical cRPG set in Shadowrun’s magically Awakened Hong Kong of 2056. With the stage set the money started pouring in. How quickly did the money come in? Within two hours they had reached their goal of $100,000, then within the first day of it being live they reached a quarter or a million dollars. That’s a lot of Nuyen.

You might be thinking that compared to the $4...

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Elder Scrolls Online Transitions to Tamriel Unlimited

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I’ve had a lot to say about The Elder Scrolls Online in the past, not all of it particularly complimentary. It was obvious as time went by that ESO could not sustain itself on the subscription model, few MMOs manage that titanic feat. So now the game has become a cropper of its monetization model, it makes a change that was predicted not long after its launch. It’s ditching the subscription fees, sort of.

The game has faced a lot of criticism on many fronts, the fact that the console version release of the game had yet to materialize with no details or date in sight was painful to those who paid for pre-orders...

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Elite: Dangerous – A Journey of Exploration

Elite Exploration

Back by popular demand, today’s post was written by Simon Winnard of the Elite themed, community-made mockumentary podcast Dockers.

Boldly Going Where Anyone Else Can Go

I should make this clear from the start, 400 billion is a huge number. In fact, it’s so huge that if you were to count to it, at one number per second, it would take you twelve-thousand-four-hundred years to finish. This number is still too large for the human brain to comprehend. Twelve thousand years ago we were still smashing rocks into each other, the invention of agriculture still around four thousand years in the future. So when Elite: Dangerous generated the entire galaxy, all 400 billion systems of it, the chances of you going somewhere and seeing somebody else decreases massively with every light year you fl...

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Review: Endless Legend

Endless Legend Logo Banner

When looking at 4x games it can be exceedingly difficult not to compare them to the eternal and constant presence of the Civilisation dynasty. Being responsible for the proliferation and popularisation of a genre is a pretty big deal, its leaves other 4x games with a huge task in being recognised as more than their predecessors. Success in breaking out from under that vast shadow is a thing that should be applauded and Endless Legend does it with immense style.

On the surface of things is the inescapable truth that you are tasked with managing your chosen faction, with the aim of proliferation, domination and glorious victory...

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H1Z1: A Complete Horror Show?

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(17/01/15 Edit: Smedley has gone on record on Reddit to say that they will be offering a limited refund window (till Monday) to customers who aren’t happy with the airdrop situation. However, they will not be removing airdrops as he feels they were clear about what they were and how they worked, but conceded that they needed tweaking.)

Zombies have been ‘trendy’ for a while now and many have sought to jump on the flesh-eating bandwagon. Survival games are also at a peak of popularity, so it was no real surprise when Sony Online Entertainment decided to capitalize on both markets with a single blow. Their proposition was H1Z1, which I wrote about when the firm’s president John Smedley announced the project on Reddit back in April last year.

The game mostly revolves around a horrible z...

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NCSOFT Register ‘Heart of Thorns’ – Looks like a new Guild Wars 2 expansion.

Heart of Thorns Banner

The denizens of Reddit have done it again, they’ve dug up some juicy trademark registration details all to do with NCSOFT. Is NCSOFT leaving their Living World behind? Heart of Thorns could be proof.

What’s all the hype about? Well, Redditor ‘grainnn’ has discovered details of a trademark and logo registration on the United States Patent and Trademark Office website pertaining to something called ‘Heart of Thorns’/’Guild Wars 2 Heart of Thorns’. The registration details also include a logo that is described as follows:

The color(s) green is/are claimed as a feature of the mark...

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Looking Forward: Games in 2015

Games in 2015

It’s been a while since I’ve done a ‘Looking Forward’ post, I’ve not done one since 2013 in fact. That’s not very good of me is it? Last time it was me waxing lyrical about MMOs, I’ve sort of moved on from that stage of my life, so it’s time for a more varied selection of stuff to get excited about. I will include some MMOs though, promise.

Ignore the hype-trains and overwhelming marketing efforts, let’s get excited about the (sometimes imminently) impending games that are going to make for a memorable 2015 when it comes to entertainment. There is a large proliferation of games that I’ve Kickstarted in this list. What can I say? I have impeccable taste...

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Dragon Age: Inquisition – Getting Ahead


There could be a few good reasons why you haven’t yet bought Dragon Age: Inquisition, madness to most people, I know, but maybe you’ve just got it for Christmas. Maybe you got a bunch of games and you don’t know which to play first. Or you might be wrestling with the dilemma of whether to buy a Next Gen console to play it on with your Christmas pennies from the aunts and uncles you never see – no one would blame you, it’ll look stunning.

Whether you’re new to the world of Dragon Age or a seasoned veteran of the first two games, I want to try to help you out with some of the trickier, less obvious and potentially helpful things that crop up in the game. Dragon Age: Inquisition is bigger and more complex than any of the previous games, in fact, it’s probably bigger than the previ...

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Voo’s Great Game Picks 2014, Part 2.

great games 2014 pt2

Welcome back to my picks for great games of 2014! On Monday I covered Action, Adventure, FPS and Horror in Part 1; if you didn’t read it you should go check it out. Hurry, I’ll wait here. Done? Marvelous, now we can get on with the rest of the games. Part 2 will cover Portable, Racing, Roleplaying, my WTF pick and a little something extra. You may be surprised to see that it features a fair few Nintendo games.

Portable Game – Super Smash Bros. 3DS

In a year that has seen yet another new Pokémon (Alpha and Omega) game most will think its sacrilege that I’ve chosen something else. Also despite a good turnout of titles on the PS Vita last year, Super Smash Bros. 3DS was my clear winner.

To this day its predecessors are revered and are still played competitively, Super Smash Bros. is no...

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