EGX and Elite: Another Break From Our Normal Schedule


Welcome to Monday everyone. Autumn has started creeping in and I have my first cold of the season, of course I do, because this happens to be one of the busier weeks we’ve had for a while. As the title says, it’s going to be a funny old week and things are being turned on their head for a bit with the regular Monday, Wednesday, Friday post schedule being messed with. “Why?!” I hear you cry, well…

EGX London

That’s right, we’re also off to the UK’s biggest gaming show EGX London. We’ll be heading down on Thursday to check out some of the upcoming games on offer, checking out the Developer Sessions on that day (all sessions will be available through the EGX Twitch channel) and hopefully squeezing in a quick interview or two along the way.

We’ll also be meeting up with some ...

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Final Fantasy XV Finally Gets A Demo


The Tokyo Game Show and Square Enix gifted to us the rarest of rare things, a glimpse of Final Fantasy XV in action, finally. Since its announcement in 2006, originally called Final Fantasy 13 Versus and bound for the PS3, there has been little to say about the game itself with its fanbase subsisting on the slimmest of pickings; it got a trailer and extended cut trailer, no sign of any in-game footage though. Last year at E3 the game’s director Tetsuya Nomura, best known for being the driving-force on the Kingdom Hearts series and his character design work for Final Fantasy, revealed the change in name and the change in platform for the project, making the move to Next Gen consoles.

Yesterday it was made that Nomura’s involvement with the game ends now, as Square Enix CEO Yosuke Matsuda ...

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Destiny Diaries: Days 4 to 5


It’s important to note that I took a couple of days break after dealing with my disconnection woes which I mentioned in the first part of my odyssey. I was frustrated with being disconnected every 5-10 minutes without fail, it was hardly conducive to getting anything done given it’s impossible to complete the story mission in that time-frame whilst being of a level equal to their difficulty.

Day 4

I have finally conquered the canary error and now only get beavers and vipers, it is an odd world in which you swap a bird willingly for a thing with not insignificant teeth or a venomous snake. These are strange times indeed...

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What Have I Been Kickstarting? September 2014


A smidgen over a year ago I wrote about what Kickstarter projects I had personally funded, I’m still waiting one some of those projects to come to fruition, though some are in their early access and Beta stages too. Obviously as time drags ever onwards I continue to roam the cluttered halls of Kickstarter looking for new diamonds in the rough, stumping up more cash for things I won’t see for a while, it’s a terrible habit really. All the games I’ll talk about today have already been subject to successful campaigns, but you should still consider purchasing them when they are officially released into the wild, I think they’ve got some merit.

The Long Dark

You may already be familiar with this particular game as I’ve written about it before now, mostly because it was too good to not...

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Destiny Diaries: Days 1 To 3


I swore I wouldn’t buy this game after the disaster I faced with the Beta, but I am weak-willed and kept hearing about friends buying the game with the cries of “Fireteam!” suffusing my social media. Stupid peer-pressure. I also loved Halo, I felt like I owed Bungie something. I’m ultimately placing the blame squarely at the feet of the lady re-stocking Destiny on the shelves in my local ASDA, she forced me to buy it, that’s the story I’m sticking to.

Day 1

When it comes to character creation I tend to have a habit of picking whatever the weirdest option is, I don’t really want to play as a bland human and the other option seems to be a robot of some kind, so of course I choose the hulking blue one instead...

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Microsoft and Mojang: Will They, Won’t They


(15/09/14) Edit: Both Microsoft and Mojang have issued press releases confirming that the sale will be going ahead; the deal is also worth more than the originally reported amount, now sitting at $2.5 billion.

Newsfeeds across the land have exploded in a torrent of despair, disbelief and dismay at the rumour that Microsoft are close to sealing a deal that would see them purchase Minecraft developer Mojang for $2 billion. Yes that’s right, you might as well say it in your best Mike Myers Dr. Evil voice, two biiiiiiiiiiillion dollars.

The tale surfaced through the Wall Street Journal, who have a source that claims the deal is close to completion, possibly even as close as being signed and sealed by the end of this week...

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Gaming Culture: Crutch Games


I have developed somewhat of a fascination with the chain-letter nature that Facebook exhibits, it’s an environment that promotes sharing everything with the people you are connected to. News stories, advertising, ‘facts’ and memes propagate at a break-neck pace through the digital realm, I absorb an awful lot of this electronic noise but sometimes things correlate and form patterns in my mind, which prompts posts like this one.

A trend has developed amongst my group of friends on Facebook, a meme that asks that people list 10 books that meant something to them in their lives, which represent poignant moments or lessons learnt, referred to as ‘crutch books’. I generally avoid participating in these but I watch the idea and individuals lists progress through my timeline...

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The End Of Guest Week

I’d like to say a huge thank you to all of my guest writers last week that helped out whilst I was away, it was horribly last-minute and you all delivered wonderful, thought provoking posts. I know some very passionate and talented people.

As a result of Guest Week I’ve had some inquiries regarding whether I’ll be featuring other guest post in the future, the short answer is yes. The slightly longer answer is that if there is something you’d like to write about, either specific games or something more esoteric linked to games, please get in touch with us through Twitter because we’d love to hear from you and sort something out.

If you didn’t catch all the posts from last weeks guests here’s a round-up, please click on the picture to go to the post:

EliteDangerous GuestWeek Banner

GuestWeek TieIns


GuestWeek Fund or Fraud

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Guest Week – Fund Or Fraud: Charging Customers To Test A Game

GuestWeek Fund or Fraud

Today’s post was written by John Stabler, crew member of the premiere podcast based on and about Elite: Dangerous, Lave Radio.

Getting new and innovative games made has historically been a challenge. During the 8-bit era a lot of development was done by hobbyists who later found a publisher. Sure, publishers were still picky about what games they took on, but at least developers could present a working prototype to try and win the executives over.

As video games became big business and development and marketing budgets increased, the risk-averse publishers became increasingly paranoid. Not only did they get even more strict about the types of games they would fund, but they started to exercise an even greater influence on the design of games being developed...

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Guest Week – Signs Of Life In The Sandbox


Today’s post was written by Ed Gray.

It appears I need more in my sandbox.

I love sandbox games. They’re the bane of my gaming life, as they always turn into extended time sinks, as I systematically explore the environment, tinker with different things, and generally ignore the main story for as long as I can. I enjoy the freedom to wander around, and interfere as I see fit. Skyrim ticked that off magnificently, with at least 90% of it accessible from the outset.

That said, over the last couple of years I’ve played an increasing number of what are sandbox only games. Terraria, Starbound, Edge of Space, Darkout… Of those, the first two (which are also probably the most well-known) are the ones that stand out the most – both accessible, both offering subtly different experiences...

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